The Attraction Theory

Before talking about the Attraction Law or Theory lets agree that there are two types of people , the first type is the one who believes highly in themselves and those people are most likely to successes in their lives and achieve whatever goals they have set in their lives and they are always motivated and have enough energy and health and power to go the extra mile to achieve their dreams, and the other type is the one who thinks about himself as a failure model who is never capable of doing anything or achieving their goals and this type is always complaining about that they are not able of doing anything right in their lives and they believe that they will never successes in anything and also complaining about the lack of energy, health and motivation in their lives, therefore they don’t do the simplest effort to try to successes.

Lets agree on something that success will never come to you if you don’t try to get it and work hard for it, it’s the simple rule of life (In doing what we ought we deserve no praise), once we have put this in front of us success will be no problem but there are simple steps that will help us attract success to us.
Before I tell you these steps to attract success to your way you have to have the ability to change your perspective to life if you are from the next type of people we have talked about above, and also to be able to commit to these steps and apply it in everything in your life, it all comes from you and the energy needed to make success happens comes from within you.
So let’s get motivated and ATTRACT success to your life
The First Step is Believe
Believe in yourself and believe in your capabilities, inside each one of us a hidden power called motivation and this power will never fade as long as it’s fed by the believe, this believe comes from inside of you, you have to believe in God first and whenever you worked hard he will reward you with success in your life this is the 1st thing you have to believe in.
Believe then in yourself that you can achieve whatever you dreams are as long as you work hard for it believe that you can awaken the sleeping giant inside of you called motivation, always be motivated by your believe in your talents and capabilities and powers this will make you in a better position in life to achieve the success you are looking for only then your whole perspective to life will change and you will be moved from the second type of people who dreams about success but not able to achieve it to people who are very powerful to create new ideas and be able to achieve it in reality.
Success is just a dream that needs to come to reality by our efforts.
The Second Step is Affirmation
Always talk to yourself of course not when you are in the middle of a restaurant :) , seriously with this in your mind always tell yourself that (I can do it , I’m strong enough to do this, I’m capable of achieving this goal and others) use the power of affirmation to motivate yourself and keep the motivation inside you burning.
Use this step whenever you need to help you get motivated because as we said before that the most powerful and lasting type of motivation is the inner motivation that comes from within you, so whenever you feel some lack of motivation or energy or power praise yourself and tell yourself you can do it and encourage yourself to raise up and stop the negative thinking, and get back on track.
The Third Step is Target Setting
Setting goals in our lives is the most important step that we should always consider and take, it’s like drawing your future and planning it, setting goals in not easy and it might be the hardest step of all because in this step you need to answer many important, vital questions that would determine your destination in life some of these questions might be what do I want to do with my life? , what is my dream? , what is my targeted goal in the next phase in my life? These are samples of the questions that you might ask yourself in order to determine what your goal is in your life and it could be as simple as losing weight, finishing a book, learning a new thing.
Whatever you’re thinking big or small, you should always have a goal in your life and always start with small achievable goals that would encourage you to achieve the bigger, harder ones.
At the end success is not a hard formula to be done but the most important part in it lies in you, believe in God and in yourself, confirm to yourself that you can do it and convince yourself with this, then set your goal and then success will be attracted to you and it will be your best friend for the rest of your life.

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